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Sometimes choosing the right product for your “look” can be a challenge. And as a hairdresser behind the chair, it can be tough to choose the right product for you Fortunately, combining and cocktailing products together to get the look you want may be the solution you’ve been looking for all along.

Here are some of my favorite product cocktails for men’s styles:
A texturizing spray is a must-have for style options. The texturizing sea spray adds “grit” to the hair and gives it that “fresh off the beach” feel. It also makes skinny strands plump by adding volume to fine hair. I use this product on damp hair and blow-dry the hair into a style. The blow-dry, with the aid of the texturizing sea spray, will set you up to win. Finish the look with Tea Tree Shaping Cream. The shaping cream is a great tool that gives just the right amount of separation to the hair. I love the matte finish of this shaping cream for all hair types.
Sometimes we need a little more control with our styles. MITCH Hardwired is such a versatile tool for styling wet to dry. When the product is applied to damp hair, it can easily be distributed with the help of the moisture in the hair. I love working with products during the blow-dry because it can give you more control when styling. Once the hair is dry, move in with MITCH Clean Cut. Clean Cut gives the hair a moderate hold and a medium shine. It’s great for that guy who wants just the right amount of shine to the hair. I love to comb or brush the hair into a final shape once the product is applied.
In some situations, the right solution is a product cocktail on dry hair. Reformer and Barber’s Classic are the perfect balance of opposites. Reformer is a matte finish with a strong hold; Barber’s Classic is a moderate hold with a high-shine finish. Mixing the two products together can give you a fantastic texture with shine and separation.
Construction Paste is one of my favorite products to use on damp hair. It gives the hair a great foundation for the style. The elastic mesh fiber texture is brilliant to work the style from wet to dry. Finishing the hair with Matterial helps set the style and with that ideal matte finish.

As salon hairdressers, it’s our job to use and recommend the right product cocktail to give each guest the look he’s seeking.

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